Virtual Reality

VR technology provides a host of powerful tools, allowing us to help our clients to clearly envision their projects throughout the design process.


Advanced 3D Modeling ↓

Three-dimensional models developed early in the project aid in identifying, clarifying, and refining design intent, fostering clear communication between our design team and our clients.

Realistic Renderings ↓

Building on well-developed 3D models, high-quality renderings featuring realistic materials and lighting are crafted for presentation and marketing purposes.

Virtual Reality Tours ↓

Fully immersive and interactive virtual reality experiences provide the ultimate interface to make the design of our clients’ vision come alive before their eyes.


Intuitive Visualization ↓

3D and VR methods visualize architectural design in a way that everyone can understand.

Potential Cost Savings ↓

VR allows clients to better understand the design direction, layout, and flow of their space early in the design process. That clarity empowers our clients to make informed decisions and initiate changes early in the project, before they might present substantial additional costs.

Cutting Edge Communication ↓

Investors, lenders, permitting authorities, and future customers all want to see what your space will look like in real life as soon as possible. 3D and VR services make that possible, leaving a professional and memorable impression.


Pinthouse Pizza

The VR 3D model produced by OPA Design was a thrill to experience and truly invaluable in helping us understand and evolve our design project, providing unique insight into the spatial relationships and geometry of the brewery. We loved seeing the model and will definitely leverage the technology again on future projects.”

Tyler Norwood, Pinthouse Pizza